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Togetherness brings success

Our missionary couple, Mr. and Mrs. Reutter, are living for more than half of their lives in Zambia, dedicating their devotion to the people there. For those who believe that the missionary and his wife are only interested in medical help are greatly mistaken.

Doing goods
Zambia ranks 7th place in terms of the number of HIV-infected persons in the world. The unfortunate outcome is that many orphans are being diagnosed with AIDS and the continuous high child labor rates.

In this cycle of poverty, our work starts in several places. In large HIV and AIDS clinics, AIDS prevention is being managed through testing and education. Also, patients with AIDS are receiving long-term treatment. But, we are also taking the responsibility to take care of orphans with AIDS, as well as children coming from difficult backgrounds.
In our orphanage, located in the Chougue district 20 kilometers from Lusaka, we are able to give them a loving home and support them until they are able to stand back up on their feet again—just like a real family.

But, how will things continue for the young people after? The comprehensive school GOCA ( Gospel Outreach Academy) which is affiliated with the children’s‘ village, as well as the Chreso University-which was established in Lusaka in 1994- offers education and training far beyond national standards.
Today, GOCA and Chreso University are training the countries „tomorrow “qualified personnel.
More than ninety-percent of graduates have jobs. In the year of 2002, an educational institution, Mubuyu College, was added to the Siavonga region with an affiliated girls ' boarding school.

The soul not forgotten
Even though Zambia is counted as Christian country, there are still those who are not living in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. In addition to the social projects we are responsible for, this for us is the focus of our work. This is why evangelism, church planting, and equipping pastors are constantly on top of our missionaries’ agenda. Since 1986, sermons are being broadcasted through the radio; today television and Facebook are playing a huge role. Thousands of people are reached daily – far beyond national borders.