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Vietnam – a kind of synonym for chronic war, trauma of the US army, communist terror, oppression and suffering, brutal persecution of the innocent and those with different opinions, especially Christians. The diversity of cultures and languages has Babylonian dimensions.

Theory: Freedom of religion
With the new law of religion from 2004 the persecution and harassment by the government has decreased. On radio you can even hear positive statements about Christian churches and the government allows a certain number of bibles to be printed. The number of Christians has increased considerably in the past few years. In the minority tribe of the Hmong there are now hundreds of thousands.

Practice: Persecution
However, local Vietnamese authorities continue to exert pressure – in particular on minorities. Even though the freedom of religion is anchored in their constitution the communist government tries to control the religious life with a system of compulsory registration. Christians are often at the whim of authorities. In particular pastors and leaders are targeted.

Since 1980 AVC has been active in Vietnam. They print and distribute bibles, offer motivation seminars (CEP) for church workers, support a bible school and a primary school for Hmong children.