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usbekistan2 slUzbekistan: Churches not welcome

Uzbekistan has a long history and beautiful cities, exemplifying a rich culture. But there is another, darker side.

The fear of terrorism is what makes the lives of many Christian difficult there. Uzbekistan is strictly a Muslim country. All churches must be registered with the government, all Christians are being closely watched, and evangelism is forbidden.Pushed off misery

Against all adversities
AVC has been supporting the churches and their work in Uzbekistan for many years. Especially, in church planting where the Christians are very active in. We finance pastors and evangelists who work different regions of the country, so they can pursue their calling and mission. Many of them are coming from Muslim backgrounds, so they know and understand the need and questions that their people carry and how to meet them.

Help for persecuted Christians
Converting from Islam to Christian is undesired in the country. Who will become a Christian, will and must be ready to face exclusion from society. Anyone who continues to shares about Christ with others will be threatened with heavy fines. If because of this Christians fall into financial crises, AVC will support them financially. Regular visits and specific actions of help, help and encourage the Christians to live in this difficult environment.