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tansania3.2Shelter for children

In Tanzania are living countless orphans. Nearly 150 of them have found a loving home in our children’s villages in Kemondo and Morogoro. The children are being looked after in family groups of about ten children by “mothers”. This way they get to know real family life and build up corresponding social competences.

In the orphan village in Morogoro, there are currently living 33 children in family groups. The “mothers” are responsible for their training. So they learn through doing chores and helping in the garden to take on responsibility. In the Kindergarten we prepare the children for every day school life. This has been very successful and so we will continue doing this.

In the children’s village in Kemondo, there are currently living 115 children, following the same principles as in Morogoro. The children are protected and grow up in a loving atmosphere. In order to make the children fit for life we offer them an education. Starting in Kindergarten, going on to primary school then to secondary school – they receive an education in English which is far above the average. Word of mouth has made this quality known: Demand from the region for our school is enormous. We also accept the very poor, on purpose. After leaving school the young people are not left to themselves. We try to enable them to go to university or do some other training according to their talents.