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tansania3.4Education opens ways

Only education can stop the downward spiral of poverty long term. Therefore we invest a lot in the children in our care.

Begin with the smallest
In nine Kindergartens all over Tanzania we offer over 200 children child oriented care and prepare them for everyday school life. This builds up self-confidence and makes the transition to learning easier.

Schools for the poorest
In Tanzania schools are not available everywhere. Therefore we started a primary and later a secondary school for our orphans in Kemondo. Everything is taught in English. News about the above average education got out. Today more than 400 children attend our school in Kemondo. Many parents cannot afford the school fees which are there to cover the running costs of the school. Through sponsorships we make sure that nobody is without education. After leaving school we continue to offer help. The young people can get vocational training. Further areas are currently developed.

School for the Massai
We also run a school in the Massai area. 400 children are being educated. Girls can stay in the adjacent boarding school in order to protect them from attacks by adults in their home villages.