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tansania2 slMafia, malaria and massai-warrior

The country is a hot oven. Some people describe Tanzania as the hottest place on earth. They might be right if you think of the islands of Zanzibar, Mafia or the metropole Dar es Salaam.

Hot climate – „hot“ situation for Christians
Our missionaries are closely involved with the Tanzanian church movement. In the past years more than 600 churches came into being. Our staff members also work in predominantly Islamic areas and have earned the respect of many Muslims living there. But the harmonious coexistence of many years seems to be in danger. To actively live as a Christian has become very dangerous on the islands of Mafia and Zanzibar. Even on the mainland, attacks are on the rise.

Children at the centre
In Tanzania there are countless children living without parents. For them we built the children’s villages in Morogoro and Kemondo. The children find protection, a home and loving care. The children’s village in Kemondo runs its own school where also students from the surroundings receive a very good school education. A further vocational training programme helps the young people to enter the professional life and allows them to support themselves. In Loltepes 400 Massai-children can attend school.

In preparation for school, our Kindergartens in Kemondo, Morogoro, on Mafia and Zanzibar make a valuable contribution.

Tangible help for the Massai

Years ago it was risky for white people to even enter the Massai area in the north of Tanzania but today our workers are very welcome. Our famine relief after a draught saved the lives of many Massai and opened doors for further projects.