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Refugee camps in the Turkish border region

Immeasurable suffering, no hope and no comfort characterise the Turkish city Suruc which is situated opposite the Syrian frontier town Kobane.

»In the name of our religion they kill us, destroy our city!«, says the young Kurdish interpreter from Kobane. His studies were interrupted shortly before his graduation. Nobody knows for how long.

Ten thousands in refugee camps
Most of the refugees are women, children and old people. A great number of the men is fighting on the other side of the border to free their home city or they have already fallen victim to the ISIS terrorists.

In the camp there are thousands of individual fates. Many have lost relatives but all have lost their house, their work and their familiar surroundings. In Suruc and surroundings alone, Kurdish helpers registered 120,000 refugees. Add to it a few thousand in Turkish camps and a high level of people who are unaccounted for. 40% of the refugees are children.
They are not economic refugees who are looking for a better life but often they are well off business people, academics und people from the middle class who have lost everything: their house, their company, their farm. Thousands per camp now have to share the few showers and toilets.

Initial humanitarian help through AVC
- supporting the construction of a new camp with 1,000 tents for 8,000 refugees and infrastructure like sanitary facilities, kitchen, school and playground
- collection of relief supplies in Biel for refugees in Turkey
- delivery of food
- medical care
- animation programmes for children

Return to nothing
In the course of spring 2015 thousands of refugees returned to their destroyed city. Besides looking after the remaining refugees the main help by AVC is shifting more and more to Kobane.