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War, persecution, flight, help

Civil war has been raging in Syria for years. What remains are destroyed cities, homeless people and great misery. There is a lack of everything, especially electricity and water; a normal life is unthinkable. Nevertheless, thousands of displaced people have returned, sheltering in tents and ruins. AVC supports the population in the regions around Kobane, Afrin and Raqqa with mobile clinics and food supplies.

The events come in a rush
In the middle of last year ISIS terrorists attacked the city again with bombs. Systematically they went from house to house and claimed to be Curds. „We are here to protect you, let us in!“ The frightened occupants opened their doors and the terrorists came in and killed everybody they found. After ISIS was ousted again, they left behind hundreds of dead – some of them who had returned from our camp – and still more traumatised survivors.

Hope in despair
AVC is involved in helping the thousands of people who return, who come back to Kobane from the camps on the Turkish side. The aim is to help the people in settling down again and living a life in dignity. Among other things this will reduce the migration movement towards Europe to some extent. The work is dangerous. ISIS sends serious threats to our project leader and his co-workers: “We will find you, behead you and throw your head to the dogs.”

Aid projects by AVC
Until the middle of 2015 the main help was with the refugee camp on the Turkish side which was run by AVC. The remaining refugees are still provided with food and medicine. After ousting ISIS thousands have returned to their Syrian border city of Kobane. In view of this development our main thrust has shifted to Syria: Help for resettlement of Kobane.