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South Sudan is one of the poorest countries in Africa. Decades of war, seasonal floods, drought, famine, and epidemics have stunted the country’s development, leaving little hope for its traumatized population.

The fighting, which has been going on since December 2013, has made a miserable situation even more unbearable. Tens of thousands of lives have been claimed and nearly two million people have been forced to flee. Throughout the country there is a lack of clean water, sanitation and medical care.

Spiritual mobilization
In contrast to the strictly Muslim Republic of Sudan, South Sudan is a rather Christian country. But even in terms of faith, South Sudanese are in dire straits. Magic and occultism are widespread. Few churches have a heart to carry out the mandate to evangelize.  AVC sees spiritual mobilization as its mission.

Good Hope Center - Hope for children
In this war-torn country, it is the children who are the most affected. They face the dangers of fighting, are homeless, forgotten, and hopeless. The literacy rate is 27%. Most families cannot afford school fees or transportation, or require their daughters to stay at home to take care the home. In addition, most schools are overcrowded. There are up to 100 pupils in a class and the children hardly learn anything. This is why the Good Hope Center in Juba runs a children’s home, nursery school, and primary school.