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philippinen3.3Help for hurricane victims

The Philippines are often hit by hurricanes. But in November 2013 the most devastating hurricane that ever hit the Philippines raced across many parts of the Philippines and left death and destruction behind. In cooperation with Hoffnungsnetz (Net of hope) AVC delivered aid quickly.

Emergency relief
Only days after the disaster, workers from AVC were on-site and started emergency relief. First of all it was about food, water and medical care for the people of the islands that had been hit. On the islands of Bantayan and Liparyan 695 families were provided with food, drinking water and medicine and 70 families got fishing equipment.

Reconstruction aid on Botigues
In consultation with the responsible government officials, AVC in cooperation with “Net of hope” sort of “adopted” the island of Botigues and took on the long term responsibility for the reconstruction of the island.

In its first reconstruction phase AVC distributed building materials for 300 solid houses. In a second phase a small factory was built in Bantayan, the main place of the group of islands, in order to produce prefabricated building components for 200 wooden houses. These were transported to the islands and fixed on a massive foundation of concrete. They are very strong so that they can resist further hurricanes.

Restoration of seaweed farms on Liparyan
Seaweed farms are the main source of income for the people of the island of Liparyan.They were destroyed by the hurricane. AVC in cooperation with “Net of hope” Hoffnungsnetz got the necessary materials to make seaweed farming on 400 farms possible again.