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He came, saw and acted

Seeing, being touched and acting: This is our principle and his lifestyle. Carsten Aust’s motivation is his big heart for despised and neglected fringe groups in society.

Regular projects for very poor children
In the past years various projects were started in the Philippines. A children’s day centre in one of the many slums in Manila. A children’s home for malnourished and sick children from the slums who are snatched from death, nursed back to health and taken in by healthy families. A school in the village of a despised native tribe in the mountains in the North of the Philippines.

Irregular aid projects after hurricane Haiyan
November 2013. The most devastating hurricane ever to hit the Philippines races across many islands and leaves death and destruction behind. Our worker cancels his plans and acts immediately. Only days afterwards he is on-site and organises first deliveries of emergency aid and moves with his family into the disaster area. After the first phase of emergency aid the people on the islands are provided with building materials. In an improvised factory, building components for the reconstruction of houses are made, transported to the islands and built with the help of the affected families. On the island of Liparyan 400 seaweed farms are cleaned up.