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Church planting
Through the involvement of families Fröschle and Hartel several Christian churches in various regions of Peru came into being. The church in Ilo which was started in 1998 has grown to a membership of 250. Three further churches were started through the Hartels.

Practical life support
Our missionaries address the personal needs of their church members with sensitivity and at the same time motivate them to make a positive mark on their environment. This attitude resulted in new projects like the marriage counselling service and the initiative of sex education in Lima.

Sex education – among others through a mobile exhibition in schools – addresses a deficit in the education of youths who rarely learn anything about this from their parents or teachers. The information from the Internet lead to distorted ideas about sexuality. The results are abuse, sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies.

This concept found such approval in state schools that the exhibition is passed on from school to school in Lima.