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peru2 slCountry of contrasts

Rain forest. Andes. Desert. As much as climate, flora and wildlife differ in these three regions there are also things they have in common: corruption, poverty, indifference, ignorance and violence. The results are broken families, alcohol and drug abuse.

New beginning at the sea shore
The seaport Ilo is situated in the stone and sand desert of the sea shore, south of Lima – just at the border to Chile. In 1996 couple Fröschle started a Kindergarten on behalf of AVC.

Forming a new generation
The Kindergarten started with 30 children. In 2003 a primary school was added. The school enables the children in this region to get an above average education with many extra offers.

Holistic influence
As foundation for a holistic approach we teach the children and youths and their parents biblical values – with extraordinary results. In the meantime several Christian churches were planted.

Care for the disabled
Children with disabilities need extra care. Couple Hartel started an advice centre for affected families.