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Collage Pakistan AusbildungVocational training

The social involvement of AVC in Pakistan is a result of the flood disaster in 2010. At the beginning it was all about survival but later we wondered how the people could be helped long-term and sustainably.

Together with the local partner we started a project for vocational training that is being expanded constantly. It began with a sowing school. Since then women are being trained within a year so that they can support themselves independently. In the meantime other training options have been added: car mechanic, laboratory assistant, welder, carpenter and computer expert. About 25 people graduate every year.

Samira’s experience stands for many: „I have two sons and a daughter and I am very grateful for the training as cosmetician. The six month training put me in a position to substantially contribute to the support of my family. On top of this, the conversations and the prayers and the singing between training units have given me and many other participants access to God.”