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Collage Pakistan allgemeinPlanting churches in the land of the Taleban

Pakistan is the first state that constituted itself as an Islamic Republic. Politics on religion as well as fanatics who are willing to use force are a great challenge for our partners.

Since the flood disaster in 2010 AVC has been supporting a local church movement in the Northwest of the country. This area of the country is one of the highly explosive regions on this earth as a result of its direct neighbourhood to Afghanistan and also because it is the retreat area for Al-Quaida and the Pakistani Taleban.

Difficult place
Two laws play a fatal role in Pakistan. The law of blasphemy makes the insult of the prophet or the Koran a punishable crime and the law of apostasy punishes the leaving of Islam. The wording of the laws leave room for capriciousness, abuse and intrigues of which Christians become victims again and again. Two high ranking politicians who spoke out against these laws were murdered in the past couple of years. In daily life Christians are disadvantaged: renting of flats, getting work or places at university and getting jobs in administration. Christians are a minority in the country and they are side-lined in society which is cemented in politics. Religious-fanatic groups keep Pakistan on their toes. The country is shaken by attacks on state or religious facilities again and again. The government is more or less powerless against this kind of fanatism. An attack on a church in 2013 which left 75 dead and 130 injured got worldwide attention.

Perseverance required
Planting churches and mission is not easy in these circumstances. Our partners have been persevering with admirable stamina for decades. The main church of the Christian movement that is supported by AVC has several hundred members. This church has already planted over 25 daughter churches in the immediate surroundings and beyond. AVC supports pastors and church planters via sponsorships. At regular mission conferences pastors from the region and further away are being encouraged to continue in their extremely demanding task to pass on the Good News.

Bibles on wheels
Every week workers are out and about on the streets and places in the city with the travelling book shop. Bibles, parts of the bible and Christian literature find interested takers. Sale conversations often lead to deeper conversations about the Christian faith. AVC finances this literature shop on wheels.

Show perspectives
A main goal in our work is to lead people and projects into independence. A project for vocational training has been bearing good fruit for years. The participants are put in a position where they can support their families and contribute to the local church work.