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nordkorea3.1Bread instead of tree bark

Children that chew on tree bark because of their hunger. This had left the AVC project leader deeply shaken on his first trip to North Korea and triggered our projects.

Bread and soya milk
In December 2006 AVC could officially inaugurate its first bakery. This was later supplemented by a soya milk factory. The bread and soya milk (enhanced with vitamins) are given out to children in poor, rural areas. The distribution is conducted by an AVC team in order to make sure that the food really reaches its destination. The results are visible. The physical constitution and faces of thechildren that receive our help have changed dramatically to the better. Not long ago another bakery, financed by AVC, started production – in an area that is normally closed to foreigners, including aid organisations.

Five Euro per month
At the moment 7,500 children in 68 creches, Kindergartens and primary schools receive on six days per week a meal. The project is to be extended in the future. The cost to feed a child for one year only amounts to 60 Euros. Support a child in North Korea with a roll and soya milk; for many the only proper meal per day.