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Dream of a better life
The children’s school attendance is a financial burden to their families. Besides books and other school materials, school uniforms are compulsory. Many cannot afford it. This means that the dream of a better life for children from underprivileged families will never come true. Neglect and crime are often the result.

Schools with a high standard
With our two schools we are making an important contribution to the school system in Nicaragua. In Masatepe and Santa Teresa our 1,100 students receive an education at a high level and in a loving environment: English and computer classes are included. The school provides the children from mainly poor families with school materials and school uniform – free of charge. Before school the students get a breakfast with vegetables from their own farm.

Schools with distinctions
Both schools have been awarded distinctions many times. Acknowledged were the cleanliness and design of the class rooms as well as the students’ knowledge. In final exams their results are far above the national average. This allows 80-90% of the students to go on to University (national average is 3-7%). One reason for this is the learning climate which is shaped by loving and competent teachers. Another reason is the class size of 30 rather than 40-70 in other schools.