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nicaragua2 slFire for God in the country of »thousand volcanos«

In the middle of Central America lies Nicaragua. The poverty of the population is in stark contrast to the background of the rich oil and gold resources.

Temperament, warm heart, discipline and diligence
AVC has been working in Nicaragua since 1999. The spectrum of our activities ranges from supporting Christian churches over the running of schools to help for self-help.

The couple Mantei has been living in Nicaragua for more than 15 years. The friendliness and temperament of the Latin American wife Ruth together with the German discipline and diligence of husband Gerhard is one of the major condition for their exemplary work. Both have a big heart for the children in Nicaragua.

Schools for the poorest
More than 1,100 mostly very poor children attend our two Schools in Santa Teresa and Masatepe. They were not accepted in other schools, one reason alone being that they don’t have the money for a school uniform: »No entry without uniform!«

An agricultural project and a tailor shop help to support the schools and provide jobs for adults.

Planting churches
Since 2010 we have been supporting a Christian church financially whose membership has grown to 500. The church uses our school for their church services. Not only do the children receive a good education but also together with their families they receive impulses for a spiritual reorientation in their lives.