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nepal3.4 slEmergency relief after the earth quake

Half a year after the earthquake nothing much has happened in Nepal. Where help is visible, it is the work of foreign organisations. The government keeps the international relief funds and promises vague plans for reconstruction.

AVC has been involved in Nepal for the past 25 years – in close partnership with the local leader couple. Thanks to the reliable network, the aid by AVC in cooperation with “Net of Hope” could and still can reach the needy efficiently – without getting lost in the swamp of corruption by the Nepalese government.

Corrugated sheet iron – worth more than gold
Shortly after the earthquake, corrugated sheet iron was distributed to erect emergency accommodation. Because only a little later the rainy season started and people, animals and the very recent harvest had to be placed in the dry. In view of the economic situation of the population, these shelters will probably have to serve long-term.

Water filters
The supply of drinking water which had already been precarious in the past became even worse after the earthquake. Therefore we started the production of simple but effective water filters which produce 80 litres of drinking water per day.

Coping with trauma
Workers in the church movement have been trained to deal with trauma patients so that they can bring help not only to their bodies but also to their souls.