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nepal2 sl»Cheerful Girl« The reality for Christians is different.

Church with effect on the nation

Chaos: rattling motor bikes, rusty cars, fumes, thick dust and poor dwelling places. In the middle of it market stalls, people and sleepy street dogs. Millions of fierce gods in the omnipresent temples, and public cremation at the river characterise the gloomy ambience of Kathmandu.

The civil war that ended in 2006 was sort of continued in parliament where there was fighting over a new constitution for years. After the earthquake in spring 2015 the state government made a decision for its 23 million people: The former Hindu kingdom became a secular state. Reason for hope for the discriminated Christians. And reason for annoyance for the 33 million gods in Nepal and the Indian government which blocked the borders as a sanction.

A bright point of contrast
AVC has been supporting and shepherding a small but growing and very involved church movement in Kathmandu since 1997.

The church movement trains workers in its training centre in Kathmandu and brings hope to the city up to the remotest valleys in Nepal through training programmes and practical social commitment.

The church is also involved in the social area through an orphanage and through emergency relief after the devastating earthquake in spring 2015.