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Opening after decades of military dictatorship

About 135 ethnic people groups are living in Myanmar.  The central government still acts against minorities – Christians included. But the recent political developments give rise to hope. 

Import of bibles forbidden

Christians are persecuted for two reasons: Because they are Christians – and because a great number of them belong to ethnic minorities. The government not only limits evangelization but also limits the import and distribution of Christian literature and Bibles in local languages. 

Wrath of the monks
Buddhism is the state religion. Buddhist monks and radical followers of this religion often terrorize members of other faiths and are not stopping at murder. 

No matter whether aggressive monks or killing military – you cannot stop God. 

In the past years thousands of people have found to faith in Jesus Christ. Most of them from minority groups such as the Shan, Kajin, Rakhine and Karen. AVC got involved in 1990. At that time bibles were smuggled into Myanmar.Today we support the printing of bibles, a training centre for Christian leaders of minority groups, motivation seminars for church workers (CEP), two primary schools and an orphanage. After hurricane »Nargis« in 2008, AVC provided emergency relief and reconstruction aid