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mongolei3.2 gaestehausGuesthouse as place of work and apprenticeship

Guesthouse and trades
In Ulaanbaatar an area of land could be purchased with a well-known and in summer always fully booked guesthouse and further buildings. This creates jobs and training.

The project includes:
■ Guesthouse and camping site for tourists
■ Restaurant
■ Garage and other services for biker tourists
■ Garage for cars
■ Joinery
■ Wood pellets and briquette production
■ Public showers
■ Laundry
■Hair dresser.

Already the first summer season was a great success (led by a local team from CLAIM, our partner in Mongolia). After expenses, reserves for the running of the guesthouse could be put aside and from the profit about 20,000 Dollars could be invested in the social projects.

Third life centre
On the grounds of the guest house already the third life centre for homeless families could be opened.

Agricultural projects
A vegetable project with experiment character in Ulaanbaatar and one outside the city as well as animal breeding are helping to make local projects independent of finances from outside in the long term.

Further social projects
The range of help is supplemented by the following projects: alphabetisation programmes, introductory classes, training in hygiene and health, meals for the poorest, granting of micro credits, job placements and emergency relief.