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mongolei3.1 lebenszentrumChristian life centres for the homeless

In 2002 ACP – in cooperation with aid organisation CLAIM – opened the first of today three life centres in Ulaanbaatar. In each of them ten homeless families, characterised by poverty, sickness, crime and alcohol, find a home. They are supported with food, relief aid and training in practical questions of life and receive help for reintegration into society. The team teaches the children so that they are able to go to a public school, adults are trained in various professions and integrated in the work process. After a year the families leave with a Ger (Mongol round tent) as a gift.

Incredible success rate
In the past eleven years more than 150 families or around 1,000 people could be integrated into normal life. The success rate of nearly 100% is the result of intensive and consequent care. We only invest in people who really want their lives to be changed.

Spiritual consequences
As foundation of a holistic change, we teach the Christian faith. Most guests find a personal relationship to Jesus Christ during the year they are in the centre. Broken families come back together again