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Holistic help
Even in seemingly successful development aid programmes - the result can be very sobering: »More income > more beer > more misery«, was the summary of a development aid worker. Help that changes the conditions and material circumstances but not the people themselves often don’t work and have undesired consequences. Therefore we not only help practically but also bring the unique offer of the Good News about Jesus with love at its centre that shows how to come into a relationship with God. This offer is independent of culture and can be accepted without reservation. We experience that inner changes lead to new socialbehaviour and through this whole families are changed long-term to the better.

CEP seminars
With the help of the Church Empowerment Program (CEP), a three tier training cycle which was developed in Asia, Christian workers are thoroughly prepared for their many tasks. AVC helps financing the courses that take place three times a year. About 30 workers are trained. This allows the planting of new Christian churches across all denominations.