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mongolei2 slIn the tents of Dschinghis Khan

Difficult living conditions and lack of perspectives drive many, many people to the capital Ulaanbaatar in search of a better life. As a result there are massive slums on the surrounding hills. Unemployment, alcoholism and neglect are the tragic symptoms of this.  

Like in the times of Dschingis Khan, still today many Mongols live in their traditional tents and move with their herds on horseback through the vast and mostly untouched country. Mongolia is forty times the size of Switzerland but has only a population of 2.5 million.

Since Mongolia opened its border, AVC has been working there - at first on its own and since 1999 with their partner organisations CLAIM and Asian Outreach.  ACP supports three homeless centres where people are integrated into society again. The purchase of a guesthouse with attached trade businesses provides jobs and training opportunities and contributes to financing the aid projects. Further social and agricultural projects supplement the range of aid. Regularly we send containers with relief supplies to Mongolia. Churches are supported by the Church Empowerment Program (CEP)