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moldau3 strassenkinder slStreet children need love

Many parents are looking for work abroad. Often husband and wife are accepted in different countries. In their hopelessness, others are seeking relief in alcohol. The children are just left behind or are housed with their grandparents who can’t cope. Numerous children are neglected, they end up on the street and in bad company, in addiction and crime. Education is not a topic.

Drop-in centres for street children
We have been stopping this downward spiral of the children since the 1990ies through five drop-in centres for street children. Children and youths are provided with the essentials: regular meals and clothes. They also receive homework help to be able to keep up in school. There is also games and fun. Summer camps that are organised by the team find overwhelming acceptance.

Visible change of life
For years the work among street children has been very successful. Our workers accept the children and give them new perspectives that in Moldova neither parents nor grandparents can give. Many children dare to dream again – about a future as doctor, solicitor or in other professions. It is our desire to see these dreams come true.