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Since 1999 we have been running the orphanage »Bethanien«. At the moment 65 children have found a loving home. The parents of nine family groups live together in harmony with their own and the “adopted” children. This gives a sense of safety and allows a healthy upbringing. Children that are accepted in “Bethanien” are between 0 and 21 years old.

Impart lasting values
To impart Christian values in their education is a great concern to us. The orphanage is in close contact to the local church where the children can take part in church activities. This also plays a part in the fact that a great percentage of the children find a personal relationship to Jesus Christ. Others at least have a strong foundation for their future life.

Becoming independent
The children stay with us until they are independent. But afterwards they still keep in close contact to their „parents“. They receive support in finding accommodation, job or apprenticeship and they can always share what is on their heart.