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Old People’s home in Sarepta

She knocks – no response. Worried the neighbour looks through the window and sees her friend on the kitchen floor – near death through cold. She has no money for burning material. She is one of the many old people whose children have emigrated abroad and have left their parents to unimaginable poverty. A pension of 20 EUR per month with food prices at Western European level is enough to die but not to survive.

In Sarata Galbena we have built an old people’s home. In it about 50 people can spend their last years in dignity and without worrying about their daily bread.

Thankfulness expressed in a poem
Most of the occupants have a long and hardly imaginable life of suffering behind them. One old woman put this in words in a poem: »Old people, unnoticed by society, are considered as goods past their sell by date. They have survived great suffering and misery and experienced loneliness. But they are living people – with feelings, dreams and a longing for love. Now they can meet, laugh together and warm their hearts«.