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moldau2 slOut of addiction – into life

In the grip of drugs
Like in many countries of the former Easter block in Moldova also alcohol and drugs have numerous people in their grip. The hopeless economic situation drives Roma and Sinti as well as other Moldovans in the dependence – with serious consequences: broken families, neglected children, even worse financial situation.

Drug rehabilitation centre
Since 2010 we have been supporting the church in Edinez in their project of a rehabilitation centre for addicts. Cared for intensively by two workers the addicts are led through a strictly controlled day. They learn to work physically in order to integrate better into a normal life later. Reading the bible, conversations and prayers contribute to reflect on their values and get a new orientation. The personal relationship to Jesus Christ heals emotional wounds and creates a new foundation for the future.

After a successful therapy the former addicts keep in close contact with the centre and the church. They always have a place to go to with their problems and challenges of everyday life. It is a good concept. The success rate is remarkably high.