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moldau2 slCountry without people

For years Moldova has been experiencing a “mass exodus”. The country offers their people hardly a chance for a humane existence. Whoever can, is leaving the sinking ship.

The former “granary of the Soviet Union” is today a nation of geriatrics, children and the under privileged who cannot afford to emigrate – and tomorrow... perhaps a country without people.

Help for Roma and Sinti
One of our first projects was the planting of a church for Roma and Sinti in Edinez. This church is involved socially and helps children and adults through alphabetisation courses to have a better chance on the labour market. In 2010 a drug rehabilitation centre was founded in Edinez. The demand for places in the rehab centre is great.

Help for young and old
Children and old people are the main losers of the economic misery and the associated impoverishment and neglect. Since the 1990ies we care for street children in five centres. We also run a children’s home and a home for old people.

Disabled welcome
The special needs of disabled people are most times too much for impoverished families. Therefore a loving team looks after these disadvantaged people in our home.