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mali3 schulen slHousing and education for children

Housing of orphans
In Mali it is not uncommon that mothers abandon their children and leave them to an uncertain fate. These children and orphans for whom nobody wants to take responsibility have no chance in life. This moved us to house them in healthy foster families and pay for their keep.

New school
We were able to open a new school for these children in Katibougou in 2012. Because the Christian community enjoys great acceptance by the local population we experienced a small miracle: As an appreciation the Muslim village community Katibougou provided in a village outside the Mali capital Bamako one Hectare of land to build a new school. The opening ceremony in 2012 was attended by lots of notables: the mayor, Muslim local and national politicians, village-Imam and education inspectors. In all the speeches the joy about the constructive cooperation between Muslims and Christians was mentioned. So far 150 children are being picked up by the school owned bus from the villages of their foster families around Katibougou and taken to school.

More than the ABC
Apart from a basic education these children have a privilege that is near non-existent in Muslim countries: they get to know the bible – and Jesus. As a result of this a quickly growing church started.