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mali2 slWater in the desert

The situation in Mali remains volatile. Conflicts between Islamist and pro-government militia could flare up again at any time. Three quarters of the population is illiterate, 40% without employment. In this environment AVC expands its projects which arefor the people like water in the desert.

In 2005 AVC founded »Nehemia Mali« with the aim to pass on hope through the Good News about Jesus Christ as well as through tangible help.

The obvious misery of street children made us put an important emphasis on housing and education of orphans.

»Nehemia Mali« is involved in planting Christian churches and offering various services for existing churches in the capital Bamako – for example a library, music lessons and computer courses. AVC built a new church in a village outside of Bamako.

On a regular basis, containers with relief supplies are shipped to Mali.