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madagaskar2Help for the "Red Island"
On public holidays, the bones of the dead are brought out of their tombs to attend the dances in honor of the gods, including excessive consumption of alcohol. The cult of the dead broods like a curse over the Red Island.


Despair stinks to the sky
Dumping is a sought-after domicile - often for life. Because here you will find waste leftovers, in order to be able to make ends meet. Children look like old people: unrecognizable, dirty, dull in tattered rags, unable to look up. Good will, human affection and change of circumstances alone can hardly create any changes here. Renewal must also be done from the inside. Since 2006, our colleague Jean Forschlé has actively and successfully engaged in social and spiritual projects in Madagascar; In 2013, the Georgette family joined in support. Loyal cooperation partners are three Christian free churches from Karlsruhe, Kehl and Baden-Baden.

By helicopter in the bush

The intensive spiritual development work among the population in the Sofia region has excellent effects. In recent years, 30 Christian churches have been founded; partly so remote that they can only be reached by helicopter. Some places are easily accessible by car. One of the churches stands on a rubbish dump in Ambovo. We support these communities financially and through training.


In the new training center in Ambovo on the outskirts of the capital, 260 children attend our preschool and elementary school. The new center was built in 2008 through the support of the BMZ (Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development). In the coming years, the school will be gradually expanded.


Medical supplies
In cooperation with the Mobile Help Madagascar and thanks to BMZ funding, a small ambulance was set up on the grounds of the school. This serves the basic medical care in the region. A midwife takes care of pregnant women, births, newborns and toddlers. For missions in remote areas, we are spared several days' walking thanks to the Helimission.