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Going back to Syria illiterate?
Life in the refugee camps is monotonous, boring and without perspectives. The cramped space in their emergency shelter does not allow the children to develop according to their age. And the prospect to return to Syria after years in a refugee camp as illiterate is little edifying.

Schools for refugee children

In the middle of 2013, AVC started a first school in the coastal region. The regular procedure and school lessons make everyday life for the refugee children more bearable, raise hope and stimulate the mind. The teachers are Syrians and teach according to the Syrian curriculum so that the children - at their return – can hopefully fit in with few problems. If there comes the time that they will be able to live a normal life again, they might have the opportunity to go to university. At the moment we teach 160 children. Nine full-time teachers and further workers – also refugees from Syria – receive their income through their work and are no longer dependent on help from others. To run this school costs 10,000 Euros per month. In the Bekaa-valley a further school has been started.