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libanon2 slHot spot Lebanon

The “fire” in Syria has spread to a large scale fire. Besides Jordan, Turkey and other bordering countries, Lebanon has been particularly affected. AVC helps on site.

Crisis situation refugee camps
The normal population of Lebanon of four million has increased by 1.5 million refugees over the past years. The bad conditions in the refugee camps in Lebanon are demoralizing. But Lebanon can’t cope with it at all. On top of this there are increasing tensions between Syrians and Lebanese. Since the beginning of 2015 there are strict entry restrictions for Syrian refugees. IS poses a constant and increasing threat.

Help for refugees
Many arrivals are Christians. The Lebanese Christian churches help as much as they can but they only have limited funds. To make matters worse, the cost of living has gone up disproportionately. Since 2012 (in the framework of „Hoffnungsnetz“) we have been providing more than 600 families in refugee camps and other accommodation with survival help and personal care.

School project for refugee children
Since the middle of February 2013 AVC is running a school for refugee children.