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Laos3 verfolgte slNew existence for persecuted Christians

Laos is one of the last five remaining Marxist countries in the world and is hostile towards perceived foreign influence, in particular from the West. In order to maintain control the Communist Party puts differently minded people under pressure. Affected is also the small Christian minority because Christians are regarded as “Agents from abroad”. The Christian faith is considered as a Western ideology that challenges Communism. Especially local authorities brand Christians as enemies and deal with them accordingly.

Christians from minority groups suffer the most. Many are expulsed from their villages, their property is confiscated and their houses burnt down. AVC helps to build new existences and supports the families of about one hundred missing Christians and Christian leaders. The normal sentence is prison or labour camp for between a few months up to 15 years. Prisoners and their families are provided with food. The work in this country is dangerous – several of our contact people have been murdered in the past years.