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Through the Church Empowerment Programs (CEP), a three-tier training cycle which was developed in Asia, church workers from all denominations are thoroughly prepared for their manifold tasks. So far every year about 100 workers were trained. This has contributed to the coming into existence of 150 Christian fellowships since 1990. The fellowships are characterised by a strong spiritual and social involvement among the poorest in the region.

Harvest Centres (Agricultural projects with training)
In five centres farmers are being taught the basics of farming: profitable cultivation of rice, vegetables and fruit as well as raising chickens, pigs, fish, mushrooms etc. Every year about 80 people are trained. The Christian graduates, who were outlawed in their villages before, return and pass on their knowledge. This leaves a strong impression and leads to long term changes. As a side effect, churches are planted, whole villages are led out of their lethargy and have an increased quality of life. The remarkable order and cleanliness, including flowers in front of the houses, in villages where Christians have laboured in two senses, is a visible sign in a neglected country.

One aim is to build such a centre in every province.