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Highly explosive

The idyll is deceptive. Laos is poor, neglected and run down by a military junta which has been in power since 1975. During the Vietnam War more bombs hit Laos than Vietnam itself. Minefields that are not cleared are besides poverty and the political situation a literal explosive matter that still kills or cripples people.

Expulsions, abductions and assassinations
Like so many other states, Laos is far from granting their citizens the most basic human rights. Christians are persecuted, the price for their faith is high – expulsions, abductions and assassinations are common. Just owning a bible can mean the death sentence. AVC has been working with the Asian aid organisation “Ethnos Asia” in Laos since 1990.

Help for Christians and poor rural population
Besides the support of persecuted Christians AVC wants to improve the life situation of the extremely poor population that has no hope holistically: through agricultural training centres, so called Harvest Centres, training for church workers (CEP) and the distribution of bibles.