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Kazakhstan: Third Generation on the Run

In Kazakhstan, there is a growing pressure against the Christians. Nevertheless, the third generation of Christians has crossed over the start line and is sprinting up ahead.

Christian in Kazakhstan is treated with hostility, but this does not stop the growth in the churches. The government increased more pressure by establishing new laws. All churches must be registered and all activities are closely kept an eye on. Laws with the intention to protect against Islamic terrorists are also being used against the church. For example, the most recent law is the forbidding of small home groups.
Especially, across the countryside, where personal persecution is faced among family members and friends when one gives their life to Christ. There is an unspoken expectation that every Kazakh is automatically a Muslim. And, if Christian, then you are a Russian orthodox.

Three Generations
It started as a church-planting project in our church in Omsk. Now, the church in the region of Petropavlovsk is being led, so to say, by local second generation Christians. The younger members are especially on fire and are diligently planting daughter churches. AVC is supporting this generation in their first steps, also paying the salary of pastors and others. Holding regular conferences is one the greatest encouragements for the pastors there. We are currently supporting a new church plant in Arkalyk, in central Kazakhstan.

Part of the first church planting projects in Kazakhstan was a rehabilitation work with alcoholics and drug addicts. Many of these former rehabilitation patients are today respected and active church members. The Lord has completely changed their lives and they love to tell their testimony of what God has done. The rehabilitation center is now financially independent. A success we are truly happy about.