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Collage IsraelReturn to the country of the bible

Israel. The country of the promise. The country in which Jesus lived and ministered. The country in which the bible has its origin. Israel – today a nation between religious fanatism and atheism – needs a return to the Good News of Jesus Christ.

AVC has had a good connection with Israel for decades. It is our desire to contribute to the reconciliation between the peoples and to lead Jews into a personal relationship with their Messiah Jesus Christ. A church in Galilee* with the same vision has become a strong partner for us.

Protect children
Children of Messianic Jews are facing discrimination and mobbing in public schools. This made our partner church start a Kindergarten and a school in Tiberias – more than 20 years ago. It is the only Christian Institution of this kind in the city. AVC supports the Kindergarten and school through sponsorships.

A heart for the stranded
Since 2009 AVC supports an evangelist in Israel*. His heart beats in particular for stranded people with a difficult past. He visits prisoners and supports them in practical matters and also passes on the Good News about Jesus. After their release, he helps them to get integrated into society again. This man also supports Jews who have come to Israel from various countries, to find their feet in the country of their forefathers. It is important to him to make them acquainted with their Messiah.

Support of Messianic Jews
Israel is a modern and secular state. Nevertheless, religious traditions are sometimes deeply rooted in the people. Jews who accept Jesus Christ as their Messias have to face sanctions up to being expelled from their families. We support those people through advice, encouragement and in severe cases with finances.

*Name not mentioned for security reasons