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irak2 slOn the run in their own country

The world watches powerlessly as in June 2014 IS marks houses of Christians with the Arabic sign “N” (Nazarene) leaving them free for murder and looting.

Those who refuse to convert to Islam are being expelled or brutally killed. The terror does not stop at children. Prisoners, mainly women and girls, are sold as slaves.

More than two million Iraqis are on the run. Suddenly torn away from their normal life, they often only own the clothes they are wearing and are dependent on the help of strangers. Their housing situation ranges from crammed to disastrous. Besides the lack of food, clothes, blankets and heating they are tormented by the uncertainty as to how long this situation will last.

Relative “luck”

He who lives in a room of 12 square metres with four others can count himself „lucky“. Many refugees “live” in staircases or even worse locations. Happy the person who can close a door after him in order to have some privacy.

Tirelessly – extremely tired
Many relief supplies reach the North of the country but only few reach Bagdad. Therefore our help is concentrated on the refugees in Bagdad. There we work together with the New Life Church whose pastor has been our partner for years. Since June he and his church have been working practically day and night. They have reached the end of their strength both physically and emotionally. But the love for the people – Christians and Muslims alike – motivates them to continue their work.

It is not our first involvement in Iraq. With the help of the Foreign Office we provided emergency relief to the war torn country between 2007 and 2009.

This time we provide 2,500 people with clothes, food, bedding, accommodation, medicine, heaters and fridges. We support special events for the children with lots of fun and games to help them forget their misery for a short while.

The unselfish efforts of Christians are being noticed and people are deeply touched.In a country where Muslims slaughter Christians like animals, their love shines like a bright light in the darkness and causes followers of Mohammed to ask questions. Many valuable conversations about questions of faith take place. The hope bringing message of Jesus Christ heals wounds.