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indonesie3.4 slHeart for street children

Maltreated and cast out
According to official sources, 300,000 children live on the street in Indonesia - but the real figure is much higher. Street children are not considered as needy but as trouble makers. They try to survive with begging, stealing, prostitution and little jobs. They suppress their hardship with glue sniffing and drugs. They are unprotected, maltreated, abused and cast out. 

Welcome and loved
In Selambo, a suburb of Medan, AVC has built a centre for street children. Reason was the killing of eight children that we were in contact with. Since then abused and injured children are accepted. Even though not all because demand is much higher than our capacity. We provide them with food and we offer homework help to those who go to school so that they can keep up in school. Thanks to our help, two of them are now studying at university. This is an opportunity to escape from hardship - something street children can normally only dream about.

Kindergartens as prevention
Both parents are often forced to work very hard in order to provide the bare minimum for their families. The children are left to themselves. In order to prevent children from ending up on the street, AVC has added to the centre in Selambo three Kindergartens and a primary school. The Kindergartens and primary school are centres for children. More than 200 children can be looked after. We provide them with food, clothes and if needed medical help. The children appreciate this help – in particular the loving and respectful treatment