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indonesie2 slThirteen thousand six hundred and seventy seven islands

If someone is stranded on one of Indonesia’s islands he, like Robinson Crusoe, might have to wait a long time for his „Friday“. This because only a little more than half of its 13,677 islands of the largest island nation are populated.

Recognition thanks to emergency relief
Our successful work in Indonesia, which is respected by the population and also by the Islamic government, can be traced back to the Tsunami in December 2004 which hit the islands with unimaginable force. We were there immediately and, among other things, looked after about 6,500 people in eleven camps and delivered medicine to hospitals. Whereas other organisations were urged to leave the country once they had delivered emergency relief, we were allowed to stay. We rebuilt villages, provided fishermen with boats and farmers with agricultural tools. We provided emergency relief after the volcanos Merapi and Sinabung erupted and after the earthquake on Java. The work over more than a decade has led to a great trust among Muslims. 

Focus on children
After the tsunami we took in 86 orphans in three children’s homes.

They have grown up to be young people who share responsibility and are involved in our projects for street children: At the moment 100 infant children from extremely poor backgrounds are being prepared for school in Kindergartens. AVC regularly gives out meals and food parcel.

Church planting in an Islamic state
Christians have a hard time in Indonesia which is the most populated Islamic state in the world. We support them in their challenging task and spiritual awakening.