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indien3.4 altenheimOld people receive back their dignity

Homes for old and needy people
AVC runs a retirement home with ten occupants at the moment. People who have been expelled from their families or for other reasons lived on the streets for sometimes decades receive loving care.

Courageous initiator of this project
It all started with an act of charity by our now retired worker Heidi Al-Safau. Visiting a market she saw an old man crouched on the floor. On her return the trained nurse recognises his bad condition and takes him to hospital. Shocked at the inhumane treatment of the old man, she takes him to her own home – which was the start of the retirement home. Today there are two full time carers who lovingly look after the occupants.

The old people are touched because some of them experience love, affection and care for the first time in their lives. Through their carers and joint devotions they learn more about the Christian Faith and this gives them the opportunity to get to know God.