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indien3.2 schulenEducation for all

The Indian government tries to considerably improve education. Setting up new universities is top of the agenda. The number of illiterates – still more than 20% - is to decrease. But it is mainly expensive private schools that mushroom – for most Indians unaffordable. State schools are in most cases overcrowded and poorly equipped – similar to the training level of teaching staff.

Primary schools plus
In four primary schools, four kindergartens and preschools we give 850 children a good education or the entry into a state school. If needed we also provide the pupils with food and clothes. The schools are located in different parts of India, from slums in major cities to a village of former head hunters – positioned at what feels like the end of the world. There most of the students are coming from the Burmese mountains where their families are suppressed by government troops and rebels. The children can grow up in peace with us and later return to their home villages and pass on not only the ABC but also spiritual values.

Further education for a better life
For adults we are involved in alphabetisation programmes, vocational training and courses in hygiene, health and family planning. Sowing classes teach women the basics so that they can open their own sowing workroom and thus contribute to the cost of living of their families.