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For centuries India has been a chaotic mix of peoples, ethnic groups, languages and religions. Today’s secular state officially grants freedom of religion but in reality Christians are attacked from various sides.

Persecution on the increase
In 2014 Hinduism gained additional power through the new president. But even before that harassment and attacks on Christians had increased considerably. Aggressors have little to fear. The police looks away and if needed is silenced with bribes. Buddhists also join the persecution of Christians – less through violent attacks than through expulsion of Christians from villages and families.

Also in regions with a predominantly Muslim population like Jammu, Kashmir and West Bengal Christians are often victims of abuse and attacks.

In some places more and more people turn to Communist parties – with similar consequences for Christians as in Communist shaped Asian countries: Christians are presumed to be influenced by the West and thus they are suspicious if not dangerous.

Strong churches – strong Christians
The support of strong churches and pastors is very important to us. They alone will be able to stand up to the pressure from outside long term. Every year about 800 pastors and evangelists take part in our training courses. It helps them to remain in their demanding job with new incentive.

In various parts of the country we finance around 100 workers: pastors, evangelists and church planters.