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haiti3.1 schuleA proper roof over their heads

Dramatic worsening of the education situation
In Haiti every fourth child does not attend primary school and only half of the adult population can read and write. Haiti is in regard to desolate education in the Caribbean number one. There were far too few schools before the earthquake in 2010 but then 4,000 of them were destroyed which intensified the already difficult situation.

A place to learn
With the support of the Swiss trust „Net of hope“ (Hoffnungsnetz) and additional donations from Germany and Austria we were able to rebuild the secondary school Ecole Lumiere in Leogane which had been completely destroyed. It was opened on 5th January 2014. The pupils have a proper roof over their heads again – after the tarpaulin during the construction period. The school offers 700 children a place to learn. The private trusteeship of this school results in an above average quality of education.

Giving poor children an opportunity
What was a big problem before the earthquake has been worsened by the catastrophe: poverty. Many children lost their carer and thus financial support. They cannot afford the cost for schooling. Through a sponsorship programme we enable extremely poor children to go to school and thereby opening the door for a better future - at least a little bit.