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haiti2 slHope in the middle of ruins

On 12th January 2010 an earthquake of a magnitude of 7 hit the Caribbean state Haiti and threw the poorest country in the Western hemisphere even deeper into misery.

This catastrophe brought death to 230,000 people and destroyed 190,000 houses, 3,978 schools and 30 hospitals.

At the scene immediately …
Days after the catastrophe hit we were at the scene with emergency relief. We distributed meals in various places and provided medical aid. The German Foreign Office supported our emergency relief

… and still there
The emergency relief was followed by the construction aid which is still ongoing. A micro credit programme has helped 200 women so far to become economically independent and have a small income. 700 pupils are happy after the reconstruction of their school which also offers computer classes for adults. And a Christian Church is able to celebrate their services in a newly reconstructed church, thanks to our help.