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griechenland3.1Lighthouse in the middle of Athens

Material aid for survival
The situation of refugees in Greece is desperate. A small glimmer of hope gives the Christian centre in the middle of Athens. It is a place for refugees, mainly from Syria, Afghanistan and Iran. Here they are given meals and essentials. They find listening ears, experience love and get new hope. Twice a week Iranian and Afghan Christians stir in massive cooking pots in order to serve a meal in the centre to around 200 refugees who don’t need to hide. Others get the meals in their hiding places, for example in ruins, in the reeds or in forests.

Courses bring perspectives
The work among refugees in Greece is growing. Various courses provide basics and new perspectives: sowing classes will enable women to later have an income, language courses make communication and integration easier. Computer courses lay a modest foundation for a possible integration in the world of employment. Crotchet classes kill the time.

The centre rents apartments in order to give vulnerable refugee families a place to live and safety. There is for example a woman from Afghanistan: She refused the offer of Afghan men to live with them and so far preferred to live with her two small children hidden in a park – because of the justified fear that she and her children would be abused.

Relief transports
AVC already carried out several relief transports to Greece. Besides clothes, woollen blankets, beds and towels we also sent an industrial kitchen to facilitate the diet of the refugees.