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aethiopien3.1 evangelistenTo the ends of the earth

The evangelists, many from Orthodox or Muslim backgrounds, are highly motivated. They are driven in their hard task by the love of God which they experienced personally and by their love for their people. They travel mainly on foot and are separated from their families for months. They reach thousands in remote areas where the Good News about Jesus was never heard before.

Overwhelming spiritual start??
The effectiveness of the evangelists and of the Ethiopian churches is impressive. With the collapse of the Communist regime in the 90ies a great revival started.

The result: In the last two decades the membership of our partner church alone has risen from 70,000 to over 4.5 million. Every year about 130 new churches are started.

Sponsorships for evangelists
With the existing sponsorships we are currently financing 160 full-time evangelists and their families.

At the yearly conference they receive new impulses for their ministry, they are encouraged and there is time for fellowship.